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Global Medics

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Global Medics, founded in 2006, is active in scientific research of nutritional supplements for humans and animals.

An intensive cooperation between scientists from our research department and equine surgeons led to the development and commercialisation of high quality feeding supplements.

Totally innovative and clearly stronger & more effective

Each product had to fulfill two conditions before commercialisation was allowed: at first, each developed product had to be totally innovative and clearly stronger, more effective, than other comparable products on the market, and secondly every product needed to be completely safe and in accordance with the law.

Because of these high quality products, Global Medics has become a healthy, innovative company with increasing cross-border activities.

Our corporate philosophy is distinguished by:

• A scientifically supported product development

• A permanent improvement of the formulas by continuous research • Profound information towards veterinarians and horse owners

• Quality, safety and legality prevail

This results in high quality products.

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