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Hoof & Coat 2.0 KG

Horses: support quality of hoof wall and accelerate production of new keratin
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Hoof & Coat offers a full complement of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and trace elements that support the quality of the hoof wall and accelerate the production of new keratin.


Hoof & Coat provides these essential nutrients not only to hoofs, but also to the whole organism, also giving a nicer coat, brighter mane and tail and better general condition.


Hoof & Coat is the most complete product and the most effective way to avoid the brittleness of the hoof. Due to the faster growth of the horn, surface defects and cracks are quickly eliminated. The quality of the hoof improves significantly and the horn quickly becomes stronger and more elastic.


Instructions for use:
• 1 spoon of 50 gr per horse per day mixed in feed
• Cure for 40 days


• Bucket of 2,0 KG



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