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Hemachol 1.0 L

Horses: red blood cell stimulator and liver regulator
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Hemachol is the most powerful red blood cell stimulator and liver regulator for horses on the European market. 

Besides a natural EPO-effect, Hemachol has an obvious purifying effect on the liver.


Hemachol is designed to support the red blood cell production.

(more red blood cells means a higher hematocrit, which increases the oxygen transport to the cells)

Iron, copper and cobalt minerals are important in the production of haemoglobin.


Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B11 and B12 encourage hematopoietic process.


Due to the addition of methionine, choline and inositol fat accumulation in the liver is countered.  All of this ensures that Hemachol improves the liver function.


Instructions for use:

  • First 7 days 1 cap (50 ml), afterwards 1 cap (25 ml) per day per horse
  • 20 day treatment
  • Shake well before use




Net weight per bottle: 1,0 LTR.





Wednesday, 26 February 2014
Wij zijn positief over hemachol nadat we het hebben geprobeerd bij onze merrie. Zij was moe, lusteloos, dof in de vacht en een ander product werkte na lange tijd nog niet. Met hemachol was er na een weekje al te merken dat ze opgewekter was, fitter en meer energie had, een aanrader.

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