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Electrolytes 1.0 KG

Horses: compensate the loss of salts and body fluids during work
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This electrolyte mixture is specially developed for sport horses to compensate their loss of salts and body fluids during work.


Electrolytes is the most complete electrolyte supplement that improves the horse's performance and to avoid dehydration:

• Sodium chloride and potassium chloride restore the loss of salts
• Litotham is a seaweed extract very rich in calcium and magnesium
• Sodium bicarbonate and calcium carbonate are added to avoid gastric ulcers and to avoid acidosis
• Vitamin C enhances the horse's resistance against infections
• Vitamin E optimizes the muscular and nervous system
• Amino acids are added to achieve quick and optimal recuperation


• Pot of 1,0 kg (also box with 10 bags of 50 gr available)


Instructions for use:
• 50 gr per horse per day mixed in feed
• 1,0 kg: treatment for 20 days(when used as a cure (or 0,5 kg: treatment for 10 days when used as a cure)





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