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Top-Competition 12x40 GR

Horses: power and recuperation during competition.
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Top-Competition is the most comprehensive "broad spectrum" supplement for sport horses.

Thanks to its high level of vitamins B, C and E combined with the necessary variety of amino acids and herbs with anti-inflammatory action, Top-Competition is the ultimate supplement to support the physical activity of your sport horse.


Top-Competition is administered orally: 1 bag per day 2 days before, during and 2 days after competition.

This supplement provides:
• Increased power and energy
• Stiffness decrease and flexibility increase
• Optimum recovery
• Good resistance


Top-Competition is described as "essential and irreplaceable" by most professional riders in the modern competition!


(Often combined with P-Block, that way the horse feels super comfortable for the show)

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• Box with 12 bags of 40 gr


Instructions for use:
• 1 bag of 40 gr per horse per day 2 days before, during and 2 days after competition mixed in feed
• Treatment for 12 days (when used as a cure)



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