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Arti-Forte+ 120 tab

Human: keeps the joints flexible and ensures optimal joint lubrication, with added hyaluronic acid.
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Global Medics Arti-Forte+ 120 tablets


Arti-Forte+® is a dietary supplement with an extremely well-balanced composition of natural substances which support the articular cartilage.  Arti-Forte+ keeps the joints flexible and ensures optimal joint lubrication.

Due to the addition of hyaluronic acid is Arti-Forte+ even more powerful than traditional Arti-Forte.

This is an ideal way to start the cure with: first solve the problems in depth with Arti-Forte+ and then use the traditional Arti-Forte as maintenance therapy.


Take 2 tablets twice a day (morning and evening)

  • Best to be swallowed with water during a meal
  • Store in a dry place at room temperature
  • Do not exceed the recommended dose
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Not to be used as a replacement for a balanced diet
  • Not to be used by people allergic to shellfish or by diabetics.
  • Not to be used during pregnancy

Packing: 126 tablets


More about cartilage:                    

Healthy cartilage:

The articular cartilage is a unique connective tissue that lays on the bone ends at the height of the joint.

This cartilage has two main functions:

1. Sliding Function: the smooth cartilage makes joints slide smoothly without any friction.

2. Sponge function: each time the joint is stressed it squeezes the moisture out of the cartilage layer so the shock is absorbed.  During the resting phase, the cartilage absorbs moisture again, restoring its thickness. Thanks to this sponge effect the cartilage has a pronounced shock absorbing capacity.


Sick cartilage:

The cartilage becomes thinner and harder. This makes the joints move tighter, with stiffness and joint pain as a result.

Sponge effect wears off, which reduces the damping effect.

Pain under load is a consequence.



Cartilage composition:                                            

Proteoglycans have an enormous water holding capacity and therefore provide the elasticity of cartilage.

Collagen II provides the strength of cartilage and prevents cracking and flaking of the cartilage.




Effect of components:

• Glucosamine and chondroitin stimulate the production of proteoglycans, which are responsible for sponge efficacy and therefore the damping ability of the cartilage.  Glucosamine also promotes the production of hyaluronic acid (the main component of synovial fluid).

Moreover, both compounds inhibit the production of harmful enzymes.

• Collagen II is responsible for the strength of cartilage and prevents cracking and crumbling of the cartilage.  Moreover, Collagen II has special value for patients with rheumatoid arthritis, because the autoimmune inflammation decreases.

• MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is an endogenous substance with soothing anti-inflammatory effect on joint and muscle pain.

• Harpagophytum

• Lady’s Mantle

• Horsetail

• Nettle

• Dandelion

These are all plants with an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, which is carefully composed to obtain an optimal soothing effect in cases of joint pain.


About human products:

Mevr. G. Renders (age 67, Tienen)

I suffered from cervical arthritis. One week after I started taking Arti-Forte, I could move again. Quite a relief, as I’d already been suffering for years.

Mevr. H. Vanwijck (age 43, Paal)

Only three days after I started taking the maximum dose, I no longer felt pain in my hips every morning. Fantastic, I feel a lot younger!

Mevr. N. Hermans (age 74, Zaventem)

As my knees were all worn-out, I could no longer go cycling with our club. After one week of Arti-Forte, I felt so comfortable I started riding a few kilometres on my bike again. Really, a must!

Mevr. P. Neven (age 40, Hasselt)

In spite of my young age, my joints already make a cracking sound in the morning.  After one week of Arti-Forte, my joints feel “lighter” and looser, as if I’d been practising sports.

Dhr. W. Rely (age 38, Wolfsdonk)

I’m a professional carpenter, so my joints are constantly put under pressure. I’d been suffering from tennis elbows for 2 years, which, in spite of many treatments, were really killing me. I couldn’t even sleep at night. After a 6-week treatment with Arti-Forte, my problem was remedied, and now – after 6 months – I no longer feel any pain.

Mevr. E. Buekers (age 72, Kermt)

I’d been suffering from chilblains for quite a few years.  This is very painful.  Since I started taking Arti-Forte, I no longer have this problem.

Dhr. V. Gijbels (age 72, Hasselt)

I suffer from severe back arthritis.  I simply cannot move freely.  Since I have been using Arti-Forte, I feel so relieved.

Dhr. G. Kenens (age 66, Bredene)

I have had stinging pains in my elbow for quite a while.  I’ve been on Arti-Forte for 4 days now, and - it’s strange, but true – I no longer feel any pain.



for 1 tablet

for 6 tablets

Filler (MCC)

263,20 mg

1579,20 mg

Glucosamine sulphate 2KCL

250,00 mg

1500,00 mg

Chondroitin sulphate

200,00 mg

1200,00 mg

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

166,67 mg

1000,00 mg

Harpagophytium Procumbens (devils claw)

83,33 mg

500,00 mg

Glazing agents (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, talk, microcrystalline cellulose, glycerine)

25,20 mg

151,20 mg

Collagen type II

13,33 mg

80,00 mg

DL-α-Tocoferyl acetate (Vit E)

9,90 mg

59,40 mg

(20,29% RDI)*

(121,75% RDI)*

Urtica dioica herba pulvis (roman nettle)

5,00 mg

30,00 mg

Colorants (titanium dioxide, sunset yellow)

4,80 mg

28,80 mg

Equisetum arvense Extract (Horsetail)

3,50 mg

21,00 mg

Anti-clotting agent (Silicon dioxide)

2,70 mg

16,20 mg


1,30 mg

7,80 mg

Taraxacum officinale extract (Dandelion)

1,00 mg

6,00 mg


*Recommended Daily Intake



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