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It is always possible to give in orders online, 24/7, 365 days a year.  The shipment holidays are: ...  

 Visit us at CSI4* & CSI2* De Kraal International Zandhoven 25/08/16 - 28/08/16...

 Visit us at CSI3* & CSI1* SenTower Park 12/08/16 - 15/08/16...

Our professional customers from European countries outside of Belgium can now order and pay directly in the webshop according to the intra-EU export regulations (VAT 0%).

 Visit us at Horse and Friends & Euroregio...

Equitom opens ultramodern horse hospital with their own stem cell lab.

Sometimes you come across those "must share" sites: is...

Swann social: more likes, news, pictures...



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